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Let’s face it while growing up terms like ‘naalayak’, ‘khottey da puttar’ and ‘begairat’ have often been used in place of our names. Because to our elders, we’re nothing but the most useless, spoiled generation (Can I get an Amen?). But recently, I stumbled across this new terminology that is surprisingly and perfectly describing the lazy, clueless and good-for-nothing millennials that we truly are. Presenting to you, laffadu – a human who is perpetually late, never prepared for anything and always has a I-have-no-idea-what’s-going-on look. Tell you what, picture your BFF and it’ll all make sense. If you still have your doubts, here are some elaborate and concrete signs that clarify this concept, once and for all.

1. They basically pretend to be a know-it-all but in reality… 

Me: “Bro, par ye hota kaise hai?”

BFF: “Ummm…” *crickets chirping*

2. They’re always pumped about partying but are also the eternal ditchers… 

*When you’d have to leave*

BFF: “Do we have to go? Yahin chill karte hai na?”

3. They’ll always do exactly what you ask them not to do… 

Me: “Sun, thode changes kar dena, poora assignment mat copy karna.” 


4. They’re easily the worst navigator you’ll ever come across. Like, even a goat can explain better…

Me: “Kahan hai tu?”

BFF: “Pata nahi yaar… ek billi khadi hai yahan.”

5. Forgetfulness is second nature to them…

Me: “Kitna padh liya?”

BFF: “Kal exam hai?”

6. Asking them to decide on something is like asking a penguin to explain economics…

Me: “Kya khaana hai, bhai?”

BFF: *shrugs* “Kuchh bhi!”

Yeah… so that was a little trailer. So, good luck dealing with your silly laffadu. And I’m mighty sorry if these resonated with your own personality more than that with your BFF’s (really, I am!) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Either way the entire moral of this is – Don’t. Be. A. Laffadu. Don’t give your elders another chance to mock you. ‘Coz believe me, the outcome isn’t fun. I mean, look at this poor chap who gets a good dose from his dad!

There you go! A solution that’ll save you from a plenty of embarrassing situations. Tell your parents, relatives, neighbours and even door-ke-rishtedaar about Medlife and not face anything remotely close to this laffadu here. Think more along the lines of being addressed as ‘the sorted child’. Always sounds nice, doesn’t it?