We all drink water, right? I mean, as a rule of thumb, if you go without water for 3 days, you are very likely to just die. But this doctor has shared a story of one of their patients who has gone by without drinking any water for 5 years. 

She had been living on coffee and Mountain Dew all this time. 

This is seriously messed up and while there are socio-economic nuances to it, people are practically discussing if they should drink water. But that’s not the problem here. See, if I went to a doctor with some problem and they went on Twitter and talked about it, like I were a joke, I would be pretty pissed. 

Some people have also been critical of the patient for not drinking water. 

As healthcare professionals, it is your literal job to help your patients, not go on Twitter and slander them for something you don’t know the history of. Of course, not drinking water is dangerously fatal. But that said, it is your job to treat them and help them.