The temperature touches the 40-degree-mark every single day and we’re sure you don’t need to feel hotter than you already do. 

But did you know that the food you eat everyday could be increasing your body temperature without you knowing it? Here are 15 such food items.

1. Spinach

Spinach, despite being the ‘healthiest food in the world’, is a leafy green vegetable meant to be eaten during winters as it increases metabolism to a great extent and produces body heat. Don’t follow Popeye’s footsteps in summers.


2. Peanuts

Summers aren’t the best time to have too much peanuts as they speed up metabolism and  increase blood circulation, hence making you feel hot. 

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3. Brown Rice

Made up of complex carbohydrate, brown rice takes longer for your body to digest as compared to white bread and pasta, which are simpler carbs and is not an ideal summer food.


4. Mangoes

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the ‘king of fruits’ – and the reason a lot of people look forward to summers – actually increases body heat and is even known to cause acne.

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5. Coconuts

While coconut water is a great way to bring down your body temperature, eating it raw might not be the best idea during summers. 

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6. Carrots

They add great flavour to food but unfortunately they’re also known for their body heating properties as they increase blood circulation.


7. Ginger

This one does not come as a surprise. Ginger is a popular kitchen item that has been used as a cure for cold since ages. It also dries your body from inside by stimulating fluid loss through body secretions such as sweat or mucus.

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8. Eggs

This super food with high amount of protein, calcium and iron should be eaten only in moderation during summers because it makes you feel hotter. 

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9. Almonds

If taken in excess, almonds and many other nuts can be harmful during summers as they are known to increase body temperature. However, soaking them overnight and eating the following morning can be a good idea.

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10. Oatmeal

The comfort food of millions of people, is not an ideal summer food because it doesn’t exactly aid in keeping the body cool. 


11. Dates

Dates are packed with nutrients but should be avoided during summers because they heat up the body from the inside.


12. Turnips

Turnip and its leaves help in improving your overall cardiovascular health but also contribute towards increasing body heat.

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13. Millet and other whole grains

Typically the winter pulses, these should not be had in excess during summers because they raise body temperature.

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14. Ghee

Ghee is an important part of Indian cuisine but it is known for keeping the body warm, which is not something you need in this scorching heat. 


15. Chicken

This is a high protein food which is harder to digest, and hence, results in making you feel hotter (not in a good way).

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To eat or not to eat? The answer is a clear no, when it comes to summers and these food items.