Burnout comes handy when you are swamped with prolonged period of emotional, physical or mental stress. Such exhaustion occurs mostly at workplaces taking a toll on mental health of employees. You feel like poore 8-ghante ki neend leni hai aur sab sahi ho jayega but the moment you wake up, you are still exhausted.

Listen to your mind and body ‘coz they are screaming you need a proper rest and not just sleep that is required.


This Twitter thread posted by @SystemSunday will tell you 7 types of rests that one should take to avoid burnout and they are expert-recommended.

The user referred Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith, an expert in his post and added, “Have you ever slept 7+ hours but still felt EXHAUSTED? Me too. While sleeping is physical rest, you actually need 7 types of rest to avoid burnout (sic).”

Let’s delve into the list.

1. Physical rest

‘Lack of sleep and overtraining deplete your body’s energy. Get two types of physical rest, passive and active.’

2. Mental rest

‘Mental rest deficit is caused by overtaxing your thinking.’

3. Social rest

‘Evaluate your relationships.’

4. Spiritual rest

‘Be part of something bigger than yourself.’

5. Sensory rest

‘The modern individual is overstimulated.’

6. Emotional rest

‘Emotional rest deficit occurs when you feel like you can’t be authentic. Ex: An airline attendant who must always smile, despite rude passengers.’ 

7. Creative rest

‘Appreciate beauty in any form, whether natural or human-created’.

The user concluded the thread with an advice by the expert:

Dr. Dalton-Smith recommends starting with your 1-2 biggest rest deficits (And not trying to eat the whole elephant at once). Then, over time, create daily and weekly habits to get all 7.


Let’s bookmark this page for improving our mental health, shall we? Mai toh definitely kar rahi hoon! When are you?