In 2014, Union Minister Harsh Vardhan said that sex education should be banned in schools, while further adding that the students should be exposed to “Indian values”. Harsh Vardhan is a doctor. It is not surprising then that majority of people in the country struggle with sex-related issues, and here are some examples to prove the same.

1. To start with, possibly the most important part of sex education: Consent. Physical intimacy comes after it has been established that the two (or more) people involved want to be getting intimate (and to what extent). There are innumerable cases of people not asking for consent or misinterpreting what has been communicated to them, and we truly believe that a lot of it would not happen if it were taught in schools and at home. 

Of course, personal understanding of right and wrong also plays a big part here but that doesn’t take away from the importance of a mature person sitting a kid down and explaining to them what permission means.


2. And then there are cases where things went wrong because of uninformed decisions. For instance, recently, a man passed away due to multiple organ failure after he tried to seal his penis with superglue, in the absence of a condom. 


3. Then, a man in Bhopal died because he took way too many sex stimulant pills. He had reportedly taken 10 such pills which resulted in respiratory distress.

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4. In another unfortunate incident, a man lost his life after his partner tied a rope around his neck for “enhanced sexual pleasure” too tightly. His hands and feet were also tied which meant that he absolutely could not move. This happened in Nagpur.

Sex-ed needs to cover these aspects of sex too. It isn’t always about the act of having sex, there are a lot of things involved and each one of them should be discussed.


5. In a report on Mint, it was stated that a woman reportedly tried to masturbate with a stone pestle, as she thought having sex with a man would be a “sin”. These taboos can be eradicated only if sex education is made available to all.

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6. Apart from these, one can easily tell that there is a lack of knowledge going by the questions people ask about sex on social media. Here are a few examples of the same. These are questions that people asked sexperts, and while many laugh at the stupidity, one must realise that this is a problem.

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7. No, regular masturbation does not damage the penis, but this information should come from a teacher or a guardian and early in life.


8. No words.


Lack of sex education in the country is claiming lives or making it hell in so many cases. It is also leading to a number of crimes, so why are we not stressing its importance again?