From rich to poor, everyone across the world has faced the wrath of the deadly pandemic. Doctors, who have been working relentlessly, are constantly battling hard in their personal as well as professional lives to fight against the COVID-19.

From opening a free of cost clinic for the poor to returning to duty hours after cremating their families, here are some instances that prove doctors are god sent.

India Today

1. This doctor wore a PPE suit for more than 15 hours while treating his patients.

Dr Sohil Makwana from Ahmedabad, who works at GMERS Medical College in Dharpur, shared two pictures of him completely drenched in sweat after a gruelling 15 hours inside a PPE kit. Despite the evident uneasiness, he tweeted that he was proud to serve the nation. 

2. These doctors returned to duty hours after cremating their mothers.

Dr Shilpa Patel and Dr Rahul Parmar from Gujarat were back to their duties to save lives, merely hours after their mothers passed away. After losing her mother at 3.30 am, Dr Patel, working at state-run SSG Hospital in Vadodara, was back to perform her duty, just 6 hours later. She said, ‘duty before everything else’. In another part of the city, Dr Parmar, who is an essential part of the COVID care team in the Preventive and Social Medicine Department at SSG, rushed back to the hospital after cremating his 67-year-old mother. 

3. This doctor came home after six months because saving lives was the priority for him.

Dr Ajit Jain from Delhi, who works at the Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, lived away from his home for six months. Despite being only 13 km or 30 minutes away from his home in Kamla Nagar, the 52-year-old doctor took his first leave of absence after working for 175 days at the hospital. He was welcomed at his home with an aarti and tilak at the doorstep. 

Amar Ujala

4. This doctors’ hand was completely wrinkled after removing the PPE kit.

Dr Syed Faizan Ahmad from Delhi shared a picture of his wrinkled hand that was caused due to profuse sweating under a PPE suit for a long period of time under warm and humid climate conditions. 

5. This doctor drove the COVID patient’s body for last rites in a tractor after everyone refused.

Dr Pendyala Sriram from Telangana drove a tractor with the body of a 45-year-old COVID-19 victim so that his last rites could be performed. When the tractor driver who was supposed to take the body to the crematorium backed out, the district surveillance officer took to the steering and drove the tractor 2 km to the cremation site. He said, ‘what I did was part of my duty’.  

6. This doctor took care of a baby for a month after his parents tested COVID-19 positive.

Dr Mary Anitha from Kochi, looked after a 6-month-old baby after his parents tested positive for coronavirus. While others stayed away from helping the child due to the fear of contracting the virus, she stepped up and went straight to the Kalamassery Medical College Hospital to complete the legal formalities and receive the child. 

The Indian Express

7. These nurses worked without salaries for 3 months.

There’s no doubt about the fact that doctors and nurses are continuously risking their lives daily without complaint to save hundreds of lives. Last year, nurses at Kasturba Hospital in Delhi protested against non-payment of their salaries. Even though they didn’t receive their salaries for three months in a row, they continued serving patients relentlessly. 


8. This doctor opened a ‘one rupee’ clinic for the poor.

Shankar Ramchandani from Odisha’s Sambalpur district, who worked as an assistant professor in the department of medicine at VIMSAR, started this clinic. He opened a ‘one rupee’ clinic to provide treatment to the poor and underprivileged people. 


9. This doctor hosted a free medical camp during farmers protest. 

Dr Swaiman Singh, a cardiologist from the US, hosted a free medical camp at the Tikri border for treating the ailing farmers at the protests. Putting his return to the US on hold, he treated 4,000 to 6,000 patients per day including protesting farmers, policemen and locals. 


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