With two big festivals Navratri and Ramadan being celebrated across the country, we find many people keeping fasts. And everyone must have figured ways to follow the rules, it never hurts to go through some tips. 

Here, we discuss the same. Now, we know that the rules for the two fasts are quite different and there are certain points that won’t be applicable to both. Hence, we will discuss them separately.

1. Eating too much in one go.

Having limited options to choose from, and often limitations to the number of times one can have food can lead to overeating. And while it is understandable, it is not very wise. Having too much food in one go and then, nothing at all messes with your digestive system

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2. Going hungry even when there is an option to eat.

While overeating is not ideal, you may also want to avoid going hungry for long periods of time and take small doses of food if the rituals allow. Now obviously, you can’t have regular snacks during the day (only applicable to navratri), but you can make some at home. This can include homemade sweets, salted foxnuts, etc. 

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3. Not taking care of the nutrition.

With the restrictions on food, it looks like one is taking care of their diet, but it’s totally not the case. The food people have during the fasts can have too much oil/sugar and that cannot be a good thing, can it?


4. Not hydrating enough.

One often forgets to have water during the fasts, forgetting how important that is. Have lots of water or juice, also because the weather is hot, to take care of your body. This too, is for people observing fasts during navratri.

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5. Not getting enough rest.

While we do understand that praying and other such commitments can take up a lot of your time, it is advisable to find sleep or just rest. Because your body is adapting to a sudden change in lifestyle and it needs you to slow down.

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6. Going too hard on yourself.

We are not the ones to decide someone’s routine when it comes to religious practices but it could do you well to not go so hard on yourself that you can barely concentrate.


Now, we discuss some tips that are only applicable to those fasting during Ramadan. Read on.

7. Not taking enough steps to hydrate the body.

If you’re fasting during ramdan, you’re not going to be drinking any water between dusk and dawn. Which can be pretty taxing on the body in this heat. So, here is a tip: Make a mixture of Tata Salt and Tata Light Salt and put it in one liter of water to avoid dehydration through the day.

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8. Exhausting oneself by doing too much.

Ramdan fasting isn’t easy. And if you continue with your normal-day activities with fasting, it is going to tire you. So, it would be wise to commit to religious obligations for some time and cut down on other activities like using social media. Again, this is just because a day has only 24 hours and you to decide how to use them wisely. 


9. Not taking health conditions into account.

While ailing people can choose to fast during a later date, many decide not to. It’s not our place to tell you whether or not you should do that, but we do suggest you to take advice from your doctors if you decide to do so. 

While ailing people are exempted from keeping fasts and are allowed to observe them on later dates, many choose to keep them anyway. It is not our place to tell you what decision to make, but we would suggest that you consult your doctor if, in fact, you opt to fast.

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10. Not preparing enough for travel.

If you have to travel when you’re fasting during ramdan, make sure your body is prepared for the extra exertion. You don’t want to overwork it to the point of breaking down.

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We wish you the best of health during these holy months.