A phobia is an irrational fear of something that’s unlikely to cause harm. When someone has a phobia, they experience intense fear of a certain object or situation.

 Phobias are different from regular fears because they cause significant distress, possibly interfering with life. People with phobias actively avoid the phobic object or situation, or they endure it with intense fear or anxiety.

 In the DSMV, the American Psychiatric Association outlines several common phobias. They come in all shapes and sizes. There are an infinite number of objects and situations.

1. Atomosophobia

Atomosophobia is the fear of atomic explosions, a branch of eknxiphobia. While regular explosion can blow up an entire building, atomic explosion can wipe out an entire town.

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Humans can develop extreme fears of very unlikely phenomena or get triggered by historical events.

2. Arachibutyrophobia

It comes from the Greek words “arachi” for “ground nut” and “butyr” for butter, and “phobia” for fear, it is a fear of being choked by peanut butter. Specifically, it refers to the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.


This phobia is considered to be in the “simple” category of phobias.

3. Editiovultaphobic

Social media can be scary for some people. However, a heightened fear and anxiety is that morphs into a phobia is rare. Taken from the Latin words for ‘face’ and ‘book’ Editiovultaphobia means the fear of Facebook.

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The fear of having every aspect of your life lived in front of unknown online “friends” you may have never met or want to meet.

4. Nucleomituphobia

Nucleomituphobia is the fear of nuclear weapons. The sufferer may experience high anxiety or panic attacks from merely thinking of nuclear weapons, let alone actually seeing them.

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They may practice avoidance, one may refuse to go near military bases, even if it means taking a longer route. The excessive worry is likely to be one of the main causes of their mental anguish.

5. Cyberphobia

It is an extreme fear of computers. Someone with Cyberphobia has an intense fear of using a computer or being around one. They may avoid going places like an office or school.

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They may feel anxious or worried about using the internet. In severe cases, cyberphobia can cause people to disconnect from computers, smartphones or the internet.

6. Politicophobia

Politicophobia, or the fear of politics, refers to fear or abnormal dislike of political elements.

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Some are afraid of the political process, politicians, casting a vote, choosing elected officials or looking at results.

7. Anuptaphobia

Anuptaphobia is anxiety resulting from the prospect of spending time unattached or being single. They have an irrational aversion to being alone, causing them to perceive singledom as perpetual misery.


Even in a relationship, they allow their fear sabotage their relationships without even realizing it. Sometimes, their romantic status matters more than the quality of the partnerships.

8. Rhytiphobia

Rhytiphobia is the irrational fear of wrinkles. The sufferer experience anxiety at the mere thought of having wrinkles or physically aging. Hence, they may go to painstaking efforts to preserve their youth, like spending money, getting surgeries and completely avoiding the sun. 

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In extreme cases, they may find themselves worrying over wrinkles on their body. Someone with this condition can be either old or young, affecting more as they age.

9. Ipovlopsychophobia

Ipovlopsychophobia refers to the fear of having one’s photograph taken. People suffering from Ipovlopsychophobia try to avoid not only cameras and phones but also situations (like parties and weddings) or thoughts.

There have been a lot of cases in which an individual has develop a phobia from having one’s photograph taken where they become fearful of experiencing anxiety itself because it would make them feel very uncomfortable in the moment they are in contact with any of those.

10. Editophobia

One of the most millennial and social media-based modern phobia is Editophobia.

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It refers to the fear and anxiety that one experiences at the prospect of one being edited or deleted

11. Deipnophobia

Deipnophobia is the fear of dining or dinner conversations. Although associated with dinner, mealtime, or eating, it is not the actually eating that is the phobia. Rather it is the fear associated with social interactions during mealtime.

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Individuals experiencing this type of specific fear may intentionally avoid dinner or other mealtime social gathering altogether.  

12. Papaphobia

Papaphobia is the extreme fear of the authority of the pope or papacy. The world Papaphobia originates from Greek word for father, pappas. Papaphobia may sometimes be closely related to Ecclesiophobia-the deep rooted fear of church.

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Such a fear might prevent the sufferer from entering Church or attending funerals and weddings. 

The fear of pope phobia may not interfere with one’s day to day life, however; the thought of the Pope or even a mention of Him may be enough to set off a panic attack in the sufferer.