Isn’t it fascinating when a person behaves exactly the same way you want them to? Or just gives you the reaction you desired!

But, hey, to understand the human mind a little, you don’t always need a masterclass in psychology. Because these easy peasy psychological tricks may be enough to get things done your way. Read on.

1. “I’ve seen this a lot in airports and some stores, but having a mirror behind the cashier/receptionist often stops people from being angry because once you start to see what you look like angry you begin calming down.”


2. “When it’s hard to convince someone to do something: give them options. That way they feel like they’re in control. You could do A or do you prefer B?”


3. “4 seconds of silence can feel the same as rejection in the brain. So if someone is being a jerk to you, after they say something just look at them and count to 4 in your head, most of the time they’ll start backtracking and taking back what they said before you’re done counting.”


4. “If in need, instead of asking “anyone” to help you, ask a specific person “hey, you there in the green shirt could you give me a hand”… It works.”


5. “Reflective echo – it’s a trick they use in law enforcement when conducting an interview. You pick up anything said with emotion and repeat it to prompt a further reaction.”


6. “If you do even the smallest amount of research on someone and compliment them on something they’ve done when you first meet them they will consider you a friend.”


7. “If someone says something crude to harass you in public, immediately respond by loudly repeating what they just said as a question to make sure you heard them correctly. They most likely will not do it again.”


8. “If you want them to like you, ask them questions. (like for assistance) For some reason, people love it when you put them in a position where they are assisting you. I think it makes them feel smart and important and, It tells them that the knowledge they have is critical to the functioning of whatever dynamic is going on.”


9. “Say nice things about people behind their backs. There are no downsides: the person you’re talking to likes you better, and so does the person you’re talking about. This really helped me make friends at new jobs, new cities, and also can help diffuse social tensions unrelated to you.”


10. “Anytime someone pisses you off just say “you know it’s true what they say about you”, and leave. Will fuck em up for days.”


11. “If asked to do a task at work, say it will take longer to do than it will. Then, when you complete the task ahead of schedule, people will think you’re amazing. This will only work in some professions though, so bear that in mind!”


12. “If you’re seated at a desk between you and an obnoxious person, put your personal items like keys, cup, and sunglasses closer to them than you. It extends your personal space and makes them feel crowded.”


13. “If you’re dealing with a disagreeable person, lead them into coming to a particular conclusion. If you make them think that your idea was their idea, they’re a lot more likely to do it.”


14. “Silence. If you ask a question you wait for the answer. If the other person hesitates, let the silence hang there and they will get nervous. If you start talking because of the silence then you will not get your answer.”


15. “When someone insults you or says something generally offensive, pretend to not understand, ask them to explain. Making them explain what they are trying to say often takes the steam out of what they are saying and makes them look foolish.”


16. “If you’re trying to make someone think of you whenever you talk to them make sure to say random facts or points of things, like flowers or the stars or just random stuff, do it often but don’t make it obvious. now everything they see that they’re going to think of you.”


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