Suffering from any kind of mental ailment is difficult. And it just gets so much worse when you are surrounded by idiots. So, don’t be an idiot. Your loved ones don’t need any of your condescending crap. There are certain things that you just can’t say to people. 

1. It’s all in your head. 

You won’t say that to someone with a 104 degree C fever, would you?


2. Think happy thoughts. 

Sometimes, we can’t. That’s the problem. 

3. It could be worse. 

Naah, you’re already here. 

4. You seem so happy. 

And you seem educated. 


5. What are you sad about? 

Right now, just hearing you talk is making me sad for your kids. 

6. Have you tried Yoga? 

No, we believe in actual science. 

7. Everyone feels a little down sometimes. 

Sometimes the ‘sometimes’ is a very long time, man. 

8. This too shall pass. 

How about you just remove yourself from the situation? 


9. God works in mysterious ways. If this is happening to you, there must be a reason behind it. 

How about you piss off somewhere and ask him about it? Until then, just leave us alone.

10. Just try to be positive. 

We are not suffering by choice. 

11. Suicide is so selfish/ Killing yourself is easy, living is hard. 

You don’t know that. Stop throwing Pinterest quotes around. 


12. I went through the same thing…

This isn’t depression Olympics. 

13. You are just doing it for attention. 

Definitely didn’t need yours and yet here you are. 

14. Just exercise. 

Just STFU. 

15. Am I not enough for you? 

This is really not about you. 


16. Suck it up. 

Kiss my arse. 

17. But you don’t look sick. 

My bad. I’ll try better next time. 

18. I feel so sorry for you. 

And I for people you are actually close to, who might be suffering as well but also have to deal with you. 


19. How did you let this happen? 

Do you think we took a long shower and caught a cold? 

20. You should pray. 



21. It’s temporary. 

Oh, wow Freud, didn’t know you went to medical college. 

22. You’re crazy. 

You think I am crazy and the brightest idea you had was to call me crazy? 

23. You seem normal. 

For F sake, we are normal. 


Just be there for your friend, parents, partner, child, whoever you care about and just have some empathy. Sometimes, that’s enough.