The culture of working out in the gym is quite popular in metropolitan cities. While many of us prefer lifting weights, some people perform yoga, zumba, and what not. And then there are the ones who don’t like to exercise at all. But have you ever imagined how people would keep themselves fit in ancient times? Let’s flip back some pages to the history. Wait, wait, only till the 1940s.

An old video of women performing workout in the gym during the 1940s era is going viral on Twitter. After watching this clip, some of you might dream of this kinda gym.

A screenshot from Battle Of The Bulges

The clip posted by @lostinhist0ry features a group of glamourous women standing on the machines and apparatus are doing all the job. A woman is rubbing her stomach on a machine which seems like a massage technique to flatten the tummy. (God knows, if that really worked on the bulges). What also grabbed my attention in the clip is that they are sporting swimsuits and wearing high heels in the gym.

As I researched about the origin of the video, I found out that the scenes are from Battle Of The Bulges, a 1941 Hollywood film.

Here’s what British Pathé, an official website from where the clip is sourced, says about the machines:

The machines are the “latest mechanised units” of the kind that massage away lumps and bumps (supposedly) on legs, tummies and bottoms. 

-British Pathe

And of course, this workout technique has surprised Twitter janta:

The best part is how like none of these things actually do anything for you. 


HAHAHAHA… Imagine going to the gym wearing high heels. Love it. 


This would tickle so bad id be screeching. 


Bring these back I say! All I need to do is just stand there n let the equipment do all the work. 


I am wondering it could be just the way of toning the body and not get muscular. For the ones, who don’t like to hit the gym, what do you think of this clip? And also, I can’t wait to see the reactions of fitness enthusiasts/gym rats. Hehehe!