Inventions are supposed to ease our lives, aren’t they? But, these 10 everyday inventions make us wonder what was the reason behind manufacturing ’em?! Well, your guess is as good as ours.

1. Shoe umbrellas… Guess that’s the only thing worse than wearing wet socks all day long! 

shoe umbrellas to protect shoes from rain

2. Walking sleeping bag… In case, you wanna stay cosy and warm throughout the day! 


3. USB pet rock… But, what does it do? Well, nothing! 


4. Car desk… Wait, am I supposed to look at the roads or whaaa? 


5. DVD rewinder… Did someone ask for it? ‘Cause apparently, these are being manufactured!

6. Privacy screen scarf… ‘Cause your privacy isn’t a joke, peeps! 

privacy screen scarf for protection

7. Avocado saver… ‘Cause keeping your favourite fruit fresh is a must!

8. Breast cushion… Well, you know, they deserve the best!

9. Goldfish walker… “Does the gooooood bouyyy need a walk?”

10. Wine glass holder necklace… It’s an accessory with the utility we all need except we don’t!

11. Car exhaust grill… For those days when you wanna cook and drive at the same time! 

car exhaust grill for cooking while driving

12. Air-conditioned shoes… ‘Cause you gotta be cool for the summer! 


13. Toilet golf… Now you can play golf while doing your ‘business’, exciting no? 

toilet golf game

14. Toilet paper hat… ‘Cause you know, it’s the flu season! 

toilet paper hat for flu


15. Diet water… Whaaaaat? Water has calories??? Sorry junk food for blaming you for all the weight that I put on! 


Well, in case you could figure why do these things exist, please let us know in the comments.