Every invention stems from a deep seated laziness or by a perfectly timed fluke (Newton figured gravity when an apple fell on his head). Fortunately, there are many like us, and thanks to them and their highly functional cerebral system, we have some perfect-to-God inventions. Inventions that will make your lives much more easier.

1. Finger guard

You save your fingers from becoming a slice of the onion and from the awful smell of them. Just don’t use your finger guard to wipe the onion-induced tears away.

2. Bottle Opener Remote

Made for the moments when you don’t want to miss that epic match, but which also deserves a sip of the cold chilled beer you just took out from the freezer.

3. Self-locking bendy bike

Thank God for this, I don’t have to carry a lock and a rusted metal chain everywhere.

4. Gum packaging with built-in garbage compartment

For people with major OCD (including me) about throwing that tiny piece of wrapper.

5. Portable Razor

I have seen a scruff of many a men and have heard them complaining about how they should have shaved last night, instead of getting piss drunk. This one should help.

6. Suitcase- scooter

When you make it to the airport an hour and a half early and you have nothing to do or when you want to speed up from your leisurely gait, with the flight just about to take off, just hop on your suitcases!

7. Rucksack Bike

The ultimate gear for all the cycling enthusiasts.

8. Rewind

All your earphones tangling troubles are going to vanish into thin air with this pretty piece of invention. And it comes in different colours.

And this is how you do it

9. Coolest Cooler

Coolest is the coolest and the best cooler to carry around. It has a phone charger, a bottle opener and a blender. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon picnic.

10. Plates with glass holder

This comes handy for all those get-togethers where you never get a seat.

11. Portable seat

Now you don’t have to run and injure a few hundred people to snatch that seat in the metro.

12. Safe Wallet

With just 1 second delay, this Bluetooth enabled wallet will alert you if you forget your wallet, and if somebody tries to steal it.

13. Multipurpose chair

A chair that unravels to make a ladder. No more short height problems, I can reach anything in my kitchen.

14. Self-heating butter knife

Now you don’t have to wait for your butter to melt or ruin a perfect knife by heating it on the gas stove.

15. A bottle water can for your plants

Turn every used pet bottle into a friend for your plants.

16. To Do list Tattoo

This will not let you forget your things to do for the day. A bit ghajini style, but fear not, it is washable.

17. A water bottle with compartments

Now you don’t have to carry a bag when you go running. This water bottle has a compartment for your key and your money (for much deserved sweet indulgences). Just don’t forget your bottle.

18. Transparent highlighter

This highlighter will let you see what you’re highlighting. So no more extra accidental points to read.

19. Gadget holder

You see a charging point and you rush to it, but there’s nowhere to keep your phone. *sigh* That’s when this awesome invention comes to the rescue.

20. Passcode USB

This awesome invention will save you from all those pen drive thieves (read, your friends).

This post is inspired from a very awesome Quora thread.