When we think about the future, we always dream of a world like what we have seen in movies like Star Wars. However, we can’t promise you that we will have similar gadgets in near future but what we can promise is a world full of flying cars and robots doing most of our work. In fact, we may see many of these high-tech gadgets in next five years. Here are few gadgets that we may see people using in near future. 


1. A contact lens that can zoom your vision  

We always wished that we could zoom on to things with our naked eyes. However, it wasn’t possible until now, but scientists at the University of California created something amazing. It’s a contact lens which track your eye movements and can even zoom in if you blink twice.


Wondering how it works? So, it turns out that scientists measured the electrooculographic signals that are generated when our eye makes movement and made a biomimetic lens that can respond to those electric impulses. Just like a camera lens, this lens can also change its focal length depending on the signals generated by your eye which enables it to zoom in blink of an eye. 


2. 3D Printed food  

There are a lot of things that are going to look completely different in future. Our kitchen is one of those. As Natural Machines is the first IoT and 3D food printing company that created a 3D printer that can print both sweet and savoury food. Their Foodini 3D printer is an Android-powered printer which excel at printing crackers and certain pasta shapes. It’s just a matter of a few year that printers will satisfy our food cravings.  


3. 3D printed metal  

Just like food, metals can also be printed using a 3D printer. In recent times we have been able to print miniatures, jewelry and even kitchenware which are not only as sturdy as traditional ones but also saves a lot of energy in order to shape it. Not only that, the printed metal is 60% lighter when compared to what we have been using until now. This is also one of the reasons why the aviation sector has adopted 3D printed metals.


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4. Smart mirrors that can monitor your health 

In today’s busy schedule it’s hard to catch a common symptom that your body gives you before catching a disease. Thanks to technology, soon your mirror will be able to predict most of the diseases you are about to catch. A Harvard-MIT graduate student created a mirror which can measure variations in brightness produced by blood flowing through vessels in the face. This means no more searching fever symptoms on web and finding you have cancer.

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5. Exoskeletons that enhance your abilities 

Let’s face it, we always wanted an Iron Man suit. While a full metal suit is still to be made, military of some countries are already using robotic exoskeletons to give their soldier some extra abilities. Apart from this, they are also used to help physically disabled people. Imagine a future with no wheelchairs.


6. A flying taxi

We have always been in a situation where we were stuck in traffic thinking about a flaying car. Well, hold your breath because recently CES 2019 showcased a VTOL air taxi by Bell Nexus. According to the company, this hybrid-electric propulsion and gas turbine engine powered taxi will be ready for commercial use in the next five years.


7. A Bio-Robot Refrigerator that works without electricity

This ultra-high-tech refrigerator is nothing like your regular home refrigerator. Yuriy Dmitriev, a designer from Russia who created a prototype refrigerator called Bio-robot Refrigerator. It’s a zero-energy device that uses a special odorless non-sticky gel-like substance that can cool the food placed in it. Not just that, the device is made in such a way that it can be placed horizontally, vertically or even on the ceiling.


8. Healthcare Nanobots that can heal you

If you are someone who regularly visit a Doctor’s clinic, this next future tech called ‘healthcare nanobots’ is something that will amaze you. Theoretically, tiny nanobots can be deployed in a human body to monitor it from the inside and detect health issues. They might also be used to carry out delicate surgery and repair damaged organs. This means no frequent visits to your Doctor.


9. Jetpacks  

If you are fond of action thrillers, you probably remember the scene in which Bond makes his escape from some bad guys on a rocket-equipped backpack. Soon you may see something similar in real life because a New Zealand-based company called Martin Jetpack claims that they have created a jetpack that can fly longer than 30 minutes. Imagine going to your office on this and not being able to make excuses about traffic jams.


10. Rollable TV display  

Imagine a TV that can be rolled like a paper. Seems interesting, right? LG OLED TV-R is a similar modern home TV which can roll its screen in and out of a box with just a click of a button. This also means that now you don’t need to hang the TV on your wall.


11. Speaker-less TV   

Do you think that you need a super expensive speaker to produce really good sound? Well, think again because this TV does not have any speaker but can still give you an immersive sound experience. At CES this year, LG showcased an 88inch TV which produces sound using five ‘exciters’. According to LG, exciters are much better than speakers as then can produce sound from a specific part of the screen giving an immersive experience.


12. Looking Glass that brings virtual and real world together 

Looking Glass is something that feels directly from science fiction movie. It’s a holographic display that lets you view, interact with and share 3D creations in the real world. Whatever you put in your 3D Glass say a virtual pet or an Architectural model, it comes to life. Imagine playing with your virtual dog.

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13. The smartest backpack you always dreamed of

This backpack from Lumzag can put your tech backpacks to shame. It comes with a feature known as Missing Item Reminder which reminds you of all the missing items in the bag. The bag also comes with GPS enabled real-time tracking, a built-in rearview camera, Wi-Fi hotspot without roaming charges, anti-theft alarm, built-in power bank, led lights placed inside the bag and a wireless charging pad.


14. A smart toilet that can play you songs

You must have seen memes on how the smartphones increased the amount of time we spend on our toilet seats. Imagine the time one will spend talking to a toilet which can even set the lights according to your mood. The Numi 2.0 is a similar smart toilet that comes with Amazon Alexa.


The voice-enabled toilets let you use features like asking it to play music, customize the ambient lighting, check the weather and ask about current news. The toilet is also equipped with a deodorizer, UV sanitation, adjustable water temperature and heated seats that open and close automatically.


15. Li-Fi 

What do you need to access the Internet? A Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection, one would say. What if I tell you that you just need a light bulb to get the Internet access? Unlike Wi-Fi that uses radio waves to transmit data, Li-Fi uses light waves for the same.


Wipro Lighting has begun offering this technology to the customers in partnership with PureLife Scotland.


16. Pocket Air Conditioner 

Sony recently showcased a portable air conditioner called Reon Pocket. The idea behind this super cool gadget is to develop a pocket-sized gadget that can keep you cool or warm when you are stepping out of your home. To do so, the wearable uses Peltier, an element used for car and wine coolers.


So, be future ready as these are the high-tech gadgets made with some amazing technology that we may see very soon.