With the pandemic gripping the world, Zoom calls became a thing. And so did Zoom call accidents.

Some people forgot they have a sex toy in the frame, some were interrupted by their cat, some BECAME a cat.

And some, well, how to put this…joined the call, switched off the audio, started chatting with a friend, told them sex secrets of some guy they knew, and went viral on the internet. 

You really have to everything wrong to be able to pull this off. Yes, we are talking about Shweta.

In a video that is circulating on the internet, a woman named Shweta goes on and on and on about this one guy and his personal dynamic with another woman. In full detail. Like, if she had any more information than she already does, I’d have suspected she was there to witness everything.

And while this was happening, HUNDRED AND ELEVEN people who were also on the call can be heard warning her about her mic. But Shweta…

As you’d imagine, the video is all over the internet now and if we know anything about social media, it will be, for a long time.

And here I am, hiding my phone and texting during a Zoom call. It’s paranoia that will save me from becoming an internet trend.