If you’re someone who finds it difficult saying ‘no’ to things, then quitting a job isn’t the easiest task for you. It’s as if you owe them staying with the firm, which of course you don’t. But resignations are so awkward, I’d honestly prefer leaving the city than telling someone that I’ll no longer work for them. Yes, that’s extreme. But you get the point?

In another funny and bizarre story, we’ve got an employee who knows just what needs to be said when you resign. A Twitter user shared an image of someone’s resignation letter, and well, it’s concise. It literally has three words, ‘Bye bye Sir’ – and we’ve not come across a better goodbye.

Of course, given that it’s an official paperwork, the person made sure to sign the letter. Honestly, it does have all the elements of a formal letter and no one can really complain. And, this person is goals for all of us who’d rather flee than tell someone why.

Understandably, Twitterati had a lot to say about the short and sweet resignation. 

Someone came up with a better resignation. And, we’ve all the respect.

‘Bye-bye’ is my new motto.