Every day people come up with a new idea and a new invention. While some really try to work upon it, some just pass it off as a joke. Just like that, there have been many companies that got started very casually and never thought they’ll actually become successful.         

So, here some companies around the world that started as a joke but are doing really well : 

1. Ship Your Enemies Glitter.com

An Australian entrepreneur started this website as a prank to fool his enemies. But turned out, this prank actually started making a profit. This company offers everything. From never-ending musical cards to fart-scented candles to penis bombs. But now, this company has been sold for Rs. 62,39,892.50. or $85K.      

Ship Your Enemies Glitter

2. Ship Snow Yo

Ever watch all those Hollywood Christmas movies and wonder how amazing it will be we could see snow during the holiday time. Well, Kyle Waring from Boston made a business out of this emotion and actually started selling snow from Boston to people in warmer places. This business actually picked up and made $5,000 (Rs 3,66,712) just in one week.           

Ship Snow Yo

3. Potato Parcel

What if one day you get a courier and inside the package, there is a potato which has things written for you? Will be so funny, right? Well, the guy who started this business thought so too. But it turned out to be super successful. This company sends all kinds of messages to anyone on a potato. Hate message, love message and even anonymous messages.         

Potato Parcel

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4. Pet Rock.com

If you’re someone who really wants a pet but dosen’t really want to give in to the whole taking care of it thing, this company really found you a hilarious solution. This company is selling you a rock as a pet and has found “the only pet you’ll own that you’ll never need to walk, feed, bathe, groom or neuter,” it comes “pre-trained to ‘sit’ and ‘stay.”

Pet Rock

5. I Can Has Cheezburger 

This website was started off as a joke by creators Eric Nakagawa and Kari Unebasami in 2007 following the meme trend. But somehow, it picked up really well and people started sharing new meme trends and posted pictures of cats with multiple things and texts. 

I Can Has Cheeseburger

6. Facebook 

We all saw the movie The Social Network which was based on Mark Zuckerberg. So, we all know how Facebook started off as a hot-or-not-style program Facemash at Harvard University. But, after the website picked up, it has become a worldwide phenomenon. Now, Mark and Facebook are so popular that they have acquired popular apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp.   

7. Slob Proof

The CEO of this Maryland based furniture company started it after marrying a literal slob, having slobby babies and messy pets. This furniture company builds custom chairs, sofas and ottomans with specially engineered fabric for all the messes and staining.    

Slob Proof

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