Hello people! I have a confession to make. I am not a millennial but a Gen Z. Or, perhaps, I’m a millennial in spirit. You see, I am one of those 90s kids, who was born at the end of the millennial years and the beginning of the Gen Z era. I’m a cusper in the true sense! Hence, while I vibe with my Gen-Z siblings, I relate with millennials too. It’s complicated to bracket me cos I’m conflicted!

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But there are certain things that the 90s kids (the true Millenials) say that leave us — noobs — clueless. While we witnessed the exponential growth of technology in our lifetime, you guys saw its very inception. For us, Anuv Jain may be everything, but we wanna understand your vibe with the Raja Hindustani album too. We get that you guys had a great childhood, but please, CHILL OUT!

Here are 10 things you 90s kids say that the rest of us just don’t get. Kindly elaborate!

1. Seriously! WTF was Orkut about?

Before Facebook enveloped the world, Orkut was your thing. An addiction, perhaps. But what the heck was it about? I remember seeing you elder kids sneaking into computer cafes, silently smirking at triple-digit profile views and random flirty texts. Having an Orkut account gave you guys an ego massage while your clueless Gen-Z siblings (whom you took as alibis) had no effing clue about what was going on.

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2. Cassettes

Yeah! We know all about how incredible 90s songs are but can you stop telling us how you loved hearing music on tape recorders. Or that you bought lots of cassettes. All we remember about cassettes are the reels, which came out.

90s kids childhood

3. Tazo cards

What were they and why did you exchange them for fun?

90s kids vs gen z

4. Champak, Panchatantra, Chacha Chaudhary & more…

Ya ya… we have heard all about you people having a gala time reading comics like Champak, Panchatantra, & more. Apparently, we missed out on such ‘amazing’ reads… but you should’ve helped us out! Who is to be blamed? Haan?

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5. Undertaker – The Deadman

Did The Undertaker really come back from the dead? Who were Triple H & Big Show? All I remember is The Great Khali!

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6. Shaktimaan

Debate about the Marvel and DC Universe with us all you want, but we don’t know who Pandit Gangadhar is and what ‘andhera kayam rahe’ means?

shaktimaan  90s kids tv show

7. Candy Cigarettes

What? And trust me you had the worst possible names for candies – Kismi, Nutties, Poppins, Mango Bite and what not. One shouldn’t name candies for KIDS like that! 🙂

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8. Hum Paanch

All we know about Hum Paanch is that Vidya Balan started her career with the show. That’s all we can understand! Please spare us. We never watched it, we don’t get it!

90s kids childhood

9. ‘The Doordarshan Days!’

Seriously, what are those days? We get you guys had good TV since you people make it a point to let us know we had horrendous shows out there. But don’t you know Gen Z’s are forever high on FOMO? And you marketing Doordarshan days as the ‘best days of your life’ AIN’T HELPING US!

90s kids vs gen z

10. The ink eraser.

Our idea of removing ink was using a whitener, and it created more mess than needed. Besides, they were SCARY (if you know what I mean).

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So dear TRUE 90s kids, help us out; will you?

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