Let’s talk about a pervasive problem on the Indian streets today. It’s not the zebra crossing, roundabouts, or indicators. It is the high beam, I am talking about.
It is a thing of common sense to not use high beams while driving in the city. But apparently, common sense is not so common these days.

Deccan Chronicle

I am sure you must have lost count of the number of times high beams have almost blinded you. Or if you are like me, the number of times high beams have triggered your migraine. If you wondered why people commit this atrocity, we found just the Reddit post for you. A user asked why people drive with their high beams on and Redditors had the right responses.

1. “Civic sense is not taught in India and neither is how to behave in public or how to decently interact with others.” – duke_skytalker

2. “I remember driving into a city from an expressway at night. There was a road on my right, going the opposite way; and it was at an elevation from the road I was driving on. Every a****** had high beams on. There were curves, potholes, big blocks of broken divider on the side for some reason. For about half an hour, I drove with these jack***** on my right blinding me. I turned religious for that half an hour.” – haermamora

3. “I almost crashed into a roadside JCB because some a****** was blinding me from the high beam.” – amrit-9037

4. “There is fine of ₹500 in Delhi for using high beams. I have never seen it being implemented by the traffic police. There are so many retards using high beams here.” – Corgi-Forsaken

5. “My mom joined this driving school where they specifically said that ‘that’s how you know the headlights are on’. The taxi driver said the same thing as well. Clearly, it has become a systemic problem.” – Aaditya_AJ

6. “Every time I see one of these idiots, I hope they hit a tree or a pole or something.” – hl2dumbass

7. “I have been meaning to ask this for a while now. It’s just ignorant and arrogant. Once I confronted a guy who was driving on high beam behind me as I couldn’t see anything. He snobbishly responded that it’s not his problem.” – Rupesh19

8. “The LED headlamps are the new fu***** in the market. I am not sure what the policy makers and car makers were high on that they approved these. Saving electricity at home by using LEDs is one thing. But why the f*** do they need these on vehicles?” – ronyx86

9. “LED headlights should be illegal.” – BesraSangram

10. “Because driving classes are taught during the day.” – lapbreeze

11. “This is the one reason I hate traveling during the night.” – uppercuthard2

12. “They are just blind and they want everyone else to become blind.” – XD-Avedis-AD

13. “The worst are the ‘blind’ bikers who will use high beams when coming from the opposite direction on a well lit road (small lane). These idiots don’t realize that their high beam makes the driver of the oncoming vehicle blind, and is more likely to hit their bike.” – UddishBagri

14. “They wanna see through your car windscreen, through your eyes, and into your soul.” – aksb214

15. “I have astigmatism and these high beams make it impossible for me to drive at night.” – Pacchimari

16. “Funny thing is, most people don’t understand how to use high/low beams. Sometimes, if I blink to indicate that I want to pass first, the other guy blinks too. This ain’t a game. It happens too often. Also, white lights shouldn’t be allowed in India. They are blinding when most people drive on high beams constantly.” – hermit05

It’s time to start a petition to revoke the licenses of such drivers.