Somewhat around a decade ago, Gopi Bahu scrubbed her husband’s laptop well with soap and placed it under running water. Well, she unwittingly created a ‘watershed’ moment in the history of Indian television.


NGL, sometimes I still have nightmares of the iconic episode. 


What’s even more haunting is that there’s someone who has picked up the mantle. Yes, in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2, not Gopi but Gehna Bahu has performed a deed which will mentally scar you, yet again.

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So apparently, Gehna eavesdropped on her husband telling her saasu ma that the laptop isn’t functioning because it has some virus. –

What’s next? She fetched a bottle of phenyl and poured it on the laptop because you know, it guarantees to kill 99.99% virus!?

And here’s just a visual to make you feel sick to your stomach…

Albeit this time she wasn’t dumb enough to do it by mistake. Her notorious saasu ma had connected that laptop to the camera implanted in the couple’s bedroom (yeah, pretty awkward) and this phenyl attack was an attempt to sabotage her plans. But at what cost?

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Looks like laptops are at constant risk in this house.