There are good habits and bad habits. While everyone wants us to do away with the bad habits, here’s a thing about them. They might actually be good and signal that you are intelligent than others.

Like these:

1. Biting your nails

According to the Journal of Behaviour Therapy and Experimental Pyschiatry, people who bite their nails are actually brighter than others.

While the habit is a means to cope with stress, it also signals that you’re an organisational perfectionist who doesn’t perform tasks at the usual pace.


2. Messiness

research at the University of Minnesota suggested that participants in the messy room generated more interesting and creative ideas as compared to those in a clean room. And if you didn’t know, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison, all had cluttered desks. 

This is Steve Jobs home office.


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3. Staying up late

Next time your parents blame your sleeping hours for everything, remember to tell them about this study that says people who stay up late are smarter than their counterparts.

4. Using swear words

According to a study, people who swear more have a richer vocabulary. In fact, a survey found that people who could name the most swear words in under a minute also had higher IQs.

5. Bullshitting

While your mom might see this as a bad habit, a study suggests that people who are better at making up explanations tend to be more intelligent than those who struggle to come up with bullshit.

6. Procrastinating

According to a research, laid back and unhurried people tend to have a higher IQ. So don’t worry next time you leave things for the last minute.

7. Daydreaming

If you are a daydreamer you must have been accused of not being able to focus on tasks at hand. Turns out it’s not true because a study suggests that your capacity to daydream is a sign of your high intelligence.

8. Always running late

Does running late makes you a bad person? No, according to experts, the reason people tend to be late is that they are both optimistic and unrealistic.

Show this to your mom right away and carry on with all your ‘bad’ habits.