Upma, a classic breakfast dish. Just toast semolina, add your veggies, add water, stir, and voila! you have your vegan breakfast ready. 

Archana’s Kitchen

What’s there to dislike about something so simple to make?

Turns out there’s a lot.

A section of netizens have come together to collectively express their dislike for the humble upma. They are leaving no stone unturned in expressing their hate for upma and their preference for dosa over upma any day.

“Upma promised us with a healthy way to start the day. However, these claims are not only misleading but also false. According to the Statistics Bureau of HealthifyMe, 1 katori of Upma is mostly carbs. It barely contains any vitamins, minerals and only contains the minimum amount of proteins. The older folk are much more biased towards upma because that is what they grew up eating. But statistics clearly prove upma supporters wrong. Upma also promised to uplift the poor by providing them with a healthy way to start their day but clearly, we can see idly sambar already doing a better job in the South. Also in my highly valued personal opinion, upma just tastes bad. I think we should all collectively boycott upma.”- SohToasty

Rumki’s Golden Spoon

What started as a rant on Reddit, now has people strongly agreeing with it.

“Exactly, I’ve been telling my wife for so long that it’s does nothing but fills up the morning breakfast urge. Zero nutrition unless you add nuts to it. Best part, preparation takes even less time than Maggi.”- FLYING_DESI

“I hate upma too. I still remember in college we had to sign a declaration form for a field trip. I had deliberately written Upma in the allergy section because I was very sure they will put it on the breakfast menu.” – kalpeshmm

“Every time I have to eat Upma, I realize that it could have been Halwa instead. But someone just had to put salt and pepper to it, rather than sugar and love.” – vpsj

This boycott plan has found its way on twitter too.

People shared ways this hate can be turned to love.

“I used to hate upma. Now I have it with Schezwan chutney. I like it that way.” – traeepeeze

“My mother made amazing Upma which I loved eating with ketchup. What did Upma do to deserve this?” – geekgodzeus

“Have you had Upma made at home with veggies? Its spicy and good. Much better than the one in restaurants. NGL even I detest restaurants/ fast food wala upma. Also have you tried vermicelli upma because you have been kept away from something real and something good.” – Crossingpavements

Her Zindagi

But the upma hate does not seem to simmer down.

“I find poha and upma to be the two evils of Indian breakfast… loaded with unnecessary carbs. Yet they are the most popular breakfast item in every household. Go for a morning walk, do yoga, and then hog a big bowl of upma. Some people justify it by putting veggies. But for me, it just fails to make the mark as a healthy breakfast.”saumya251

Upma is not the only food item to receive so much flak. Poha has also been on the receiving end previously.

Even banana wasn’t spared.

People definitely have very strong food choices.