Every time Beer Biceps uploads a new podcast, it manages to bring the internet to a pause. The man manages to get everyone talking about it and it is never the nice things. There is no groundbreaking revelation or any interesting fact that comes to the forefront, all he does is fan the fire. Recently, just out of curiosity, I went down the rabbit hole of his podcasts and my brain cells stopped working.

beer biceps

Here are eight WTF questions that Beer Biceps has asked his guests on his show.

1. When he asked Yuvraj Singh, “Khana pasand hai?” while the former cricketer was eating.

beer biceps podcast

2. When he had one of the most legendary cricket players on his show all he could do was ask about their dating life.

beer biceps video

3. “Could a one-leader rule actually be the solution? Like in the case of Genghis Khan.” We are not making this up, he legit asked this to a guest.

beer biceps questions

4. When he asked whether women lose energy when they have sex.

beer biceps questions

5. When he asked his guest if he had any experience with witchcraft in his life.

ranveer allahbadia

6. When Honey Singh refuted the Illuminati rumours, he asked him the same question again.


7. When he asked his guest if they believed in aliens and since when does he believe in them?

beer biceps aliens

8. When he brazenly asked his guest to name three Indians who should leave the country.

beer biceps wtf

Beer Biceps, can you start asking sensible questions, please?

Creatives: Nidhi Tiwari