With most of the world on self-isolation, except for those who consider themselves immune to deadly viruses (news flash: you aren't!), whiling away time scrolling on the phone has become even more common than before. 

mindlessly scrolling through phone
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Because we aren't discovering new hobbies. Rather, the only thing we're discovering are videos we couldn't even imagine existing on YouTube, while wearing the same sweatpants for days in a row. But this ain't about that. 

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No, it's actually about how in the middle of scrolling through old photos to find that perfect #throwback picture (cuz that's all that we're posting these days), you may have come across that snap. Or that message. Or that screenshot. Or that contact number. 

Scrolling through phone
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You know the one! The one you have saved, even though it deserves to be deleted and burnt and flushed - exactly how Geet from Jab We Met would expect out of you. Yes, of course, I am talking about the details of toxic ex on your phone. 

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Because stuck at home, with nothing else but work to distract most of us (as if!), chances are that ex may suddenly not seem as annoying as before. 

The tendency to forget nights of crying on the pillow and weeks of decoding messages more confusing than the plot of Inception is currently at an all-time high.  

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Especially when one-night stands, casual flings, and new relationships are out of question. And all 'whine and wine' sessions with BFFs are taking place over facetime.  

Girlfriend Facetime
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But, no reason, not even Covid-19 lockdown, is a good enough reason to text that toxic ex. The one who left you an emotional wreck. 

The one who gave you enough baggage to last saat janam, when his own selfish ass couldn't commit to even saat mahine! That ex does not deserve to benefit from your one moment of desperation and loneliness.

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A person who could not value your time, give you the respect you deserve or understand your feelings, does not deserve your affection - even if you feel like you have too much affection and not enough people to lather it on. (Just watch cute animal videos. Recently, two elephants got drunk!)

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And no explanation that you give yourself will be a good enough justification for dropping that text.  

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You don't have to just check up on him. You don't have to forward him that hilarious Tweet that literally describes all of us right now. You definitely don't have to send him DMs from a private account and hope to start a conversation.

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The bottom line is, even if the relationship ended on a good note and you parted as friends, getting back together during a quarantine isn't the right course of action for anyone. 

We're self-isolated to curb the spread of the virus. It's no reason to let go of our last brain cells and start forwarding memes to the person who never understood them in the first place, anyway. *Sigh*

Saavdhan raho, satark raho, aur uss message ko send mat karo!