It isn’t the easiest thing to find an apartment in India. From landlords to our society, there are too many people involved, with too many expectations. It’s probably easier finding a person to marry. And, it looks like house hunting in Bengaluru is definitely a task. 

A Twitter user, Astha shared a list of questions about a house in Silicon Valley. She shared a screenshot of the questionnaire – where it was mentioned that it’s part of the shortlisting process. 

The questionnaire included things like – eating preferences, how the ideal weekend looks like and and even the FRIENDS character a person relates too, among other questions. Honestly, it feels like a questionnaire you fill, while signing up on a dating app. At some point, I even forgot that this is part of the apartment hunting process.

A lot of people were shocked with the process. And of course, Twitterati had a lot to say.  

Some were even surprised that the owner of the flat, didn’t outgrow FRIENDS. Which is understandable, because it’s 2022.

Who knew finding a roommate is more difficult than living with our parents?