The center of tech and start-up, Bengaluru is definitely very innovative with its ideas. The city has its own weird yet innovative ways to function that make us go – samajh nahi aaya par sunn ke achha laga.  And, this incident where a Swiggy delivery executive delivered a customer’s order using Dunzo – screams Bengaluru.

A Twitter user, Omkar Joshi shared a screenshot of his conversation with a friend, who had ordered coffee via Swiggy. His friend mentions how the delivery guy picked the order and then ‘dunzo-ed’ it to him. He even got a call from the delivery executive, telling him that he’s getting it delivered using Dunzo and then went to ask for a five-star rating. And just like all of us, it made Omkar go – WTF.

Dunzo’s official Twitter handle had a funny remark and all we can think of is – people from Bengaluru know how to get work done. 

Swiggy found the delivery executive’s methods genius – and we agree. 

Twitterati couldn’t help but joke about it – obviously. 

Meanwhile, some people questioned him on his coffee choices. 

And there were others who appreciated the delivery executive’s commitment. 

Kuchh din toh guzariye Bangalore mein.