Can you imagine buying a packet of Parle G biscuits without the Parle G girl on it? It won’t be the same, right? The magical taste is directly proportional to her existence on the packet. There would be no Parle G without the biscuits.

The Indian Express

There are people and even animals with a recall value so strong we can’t imagine them in other contexts. Like I can’t think of the brand that was Hutch and not remember the pug. Or, the fact that Daniel Radcliffe is more Harry Potter than Daniel himself.


You see, things do not always need renowned celebrities to get famous. Sometimes (many times, actually), official or unofficial brand representatives do the job by emoting with the right intensity. So much so that they develop a recall value so strong we will always link their brand with them.

People on the Internet are naming such ambassadors for different brands, objects, and well, feelings who promoted their stuff like no one else could. Take a look –

Of course!

These are not just faces, they’re an emotion. A feeling so strong they’re a part of core memories.