Weird sh*t happens. And Twitter is brimming with weird sh*t when it comes to that. 

You’d never understand what gets viral when on Twitter. You’ll still be thinking about it when one random tweet about a shabby gate of no significance would have gone viral with super high numbers of bot-free (now, that’s something!) engagement, and you’ll be like WTF.


Here are some of those absolutely bizarre tweets that have gone viral over the years, and we’re like, umm, okay, what now?

1. A woman got ceramic bowls stuck in one another. She asked Twitter for help, and her tweets became crazy viral. 

She —along with people following her tweets— was so vested in this that the woman legit gave daily updates of her attempts to separate the two bowls until the collective efforts actually came through.

Oh my! Thank to all what is pure and kind.

And people were honestly so relieved.

2. A man wanted free chicken Nuggets for a year. They said he needs 18 million retweets for it. Twitter was like, challenge accepted bruh!

Even the brand was so vested in this.

And you know what? He got his ‘nuggs!’ *Pheww!*

Twitter – @carterjwm

3. A man had serious issues with how this woman chose to get back to her window seat mid-flight. He made a video and tweeted about it, and it went viral.

His thread legit became a full-fledged discussion whether what the woman did was ethically right or not.

4. A man conducted a bizarre experiment of air frying his burger for two hours, and decided to tweet all the updates about it.

I seriously pity the burger tho.

5. This absolutely absurd trend called #TypeOneDirectionWithYourNose went viral in 2013. People actually typed from their noses. As bizarre as it seems, this is great stuff for the band tho! (Ah! I miss One-D)

6. This bizarre tweet about false claims of Anne Hathaway being a cannibal went viral, and it’s false information. (FYI –  THIS IS NOT FUNNY)

Hathaway’s pictures of posing in the Elle France’s most recent issue got released. Everyone was commenting and engaging with the post when one random Twitter user accused her of cannibalism out of no where.

Elle Australia

Twitter went gaga over it. The tweet was shared and re-shared bazillion times. Until, the same user deleted her original tweet and clarified that her tweet not true at all.

PS – Misinformation is dangerous.

7.  An engagement announcement from a local newspaper went viral on Twitter. The notice seemed alright in the beginning until it took really dark turns.

Dr. Matthew Johnson and Ms. Jennifer Bair Cullen to get married. Okay! But, it reads, “As a diamond is produced only under intense heat and pressure, Jennifer’s beauty derives from enduring decades of narcissistic attempts to defeat her virtue and crush her spirit.”


And for Dr. Johnson, it says, “As gold is refined only through intense heat and flame, Matthew’s strength of will derives from enduring decades of pathological contempt, deceit and hypocrisy. They failed to break him.”


Yes, people had to freak out. Who on Earth even wrote such kind of a thing?

8. Ajay Devgn pulled a prank and tweeted his wife, Kajol’s number saying that she’s out of country. The tweet went viral in no time and people legit texted the given number.

India Today

Btw Kajol responded!

9. Remember when ‘binod’ became a viral sensation? Slayy Point created a YouTube video on bizarre comments. One of those comments came from a user named Binod Tharu who left a comment ‘Binod.’ That was it. Binod went viral everywhere & Twitter loved it.

Honestly, the trend was hilarious and ridiculous AF.

Are you face-palming hard?