April Fool’s Day is the one day in the entire year when you can prank your family, friends, or colleagues and get away with it without any major harm. Here are some simple April Fool pranks you can pull on your peers without getting in much trouble.

1. Send a ‘typing symbol’ gif to your friends 

This is a harmless April Fool prank you can pull off on your friends. Just search for a typing gif on your chat and send it to your friend. They’ll keep waiting for a response that will never come. 

Easy april fools pranks

2. Switch the oreo cream with toothpaste

This one might piss off the person. All you have to do is take oreo cookies, remove the cream part, and put toothpaste instead. Try to go for a plain toothpaste to ensure that the smell doesn’t make them suspicious. 

Easy april fools pranks
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3. Put a note saying “sorry about the damage” on a random person’s car

This one can be pulled on a stranger. All you have to do is find a car parked in a lot and put a simple note saying, “sorry about the damage, had to run”. And wait for the owner to roam in circles while he looks for the non-existent damages. 

Easy april fools pranks

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4. Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish

All you need is soap, clear nail polish, and an unsuspecting roommate. Cover the soap with the nail paint, let it dry, and put it at its usual place. Wait for your roommate to try to make the soap lather. Harmless but hilarious. 

Easy april fools pranks

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5. Put a picture on the flip side of the scanner

If you are amongst the few who go to offices, then this is a prank you can easily pull off. Just put a picture of your choice, it could be anything, a picture of Shrek, some wobbly eyes, whatever you like. When your colleague goes to scan a document, hopefully, those wobbly eyes will make their way to the printout.

Easy april fools pranks

6. Flip the batteries of remote

You could also tape the sensor of the remote but might get easily caught. So, instead, just flip the batteries of the remote. People would obviously start with slapping the remote because, of course, we are Indians

Easy april fools pranks

If they further investigate and open to check the batteries, they’ll still be in place. And you can just sit back and enjoy.

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7. Switch the salt with sugar

This is a classic April Fool prank. All you have to do is switch the sugar with the salt and watch your family members creating havoc. But you should also be prepared for eating sweet daal and drinking salty chai. And yeah, ensure you remember the change you’ve had and not fall for your own prank. 

Easy april fools pranks
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8. Move everything…just a little bit

This could create bigger chaos than you can imagine. We all get so used to our surroundings that even a slight change can hamper our movements. All you have to do is move all the furniture in your house just half an inch. But remember, this could result in bruises.

9. The insect in the lamp prank

Might seem like a bit of work, but you can do it. Get a few insect shaped stencils off of the Internet and print them out on paper. Cut out the insect shaped bits of paper, and stick them on the inside of a lamp. Switch the lamp on so the shadow shows up and wait for your victim to notice and freak out. Warning: May result in breakups.

10. The shopping trolley prank

If you’re like me, and you’ve got a lot of time on your hands and a set of balls, then you should try out this shopping cart infinity loop. Find the good Samaritan’s car that was, fortunately enough, parked at the lot and surround it with shopping trolleys till you lock it in. Man, don’t get caught doing this.

11. The air horn under the seat prank

Get yourself an airhorn if you don’t have one and get ready to scare one of your colleagues at work. Stick the horn just under the seat, up to the point you know the seat will sink when someone sits on it. Wait for your boss to come in and get ready for the laugh of the day.

12. The optical mouse prank

Another one for your office: tape a bit of paper onto the LED laser lens of your co-worker’s computer mouse, and wait for them to flip their nuts over a broken mouse. We suggest pulling this one on the guy with anger management issues.

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13. The Mentos Ice bomb

This one is harsh. Fill up your ice tray in the regular manner, and here’s the secret ingredient, place Mentos candies in all of the cubes, and set them to freeze. Call some of your friends over and offer them a refreshing cool drink chilled with some of your ice bombs. Sit back and let the mess ensue.

14. The classic rubber snake

Man, if you have one of these then you have one of the simplest setups for a freakout prank. To make it worse, we suggest you head out to the local market and place one of these in the food stalls, and watch people lose their semblance.

15. The inevitable spill prank

This just seems difficult, but it isn’t. What you do is fill up a glass with water, place a paper screen on it, flip the glass over without spilling, set in on the counter, and pull the paper from under it. To make it interesting, hide all other glasses so that your victim has no choice. Head out with this little spill waiting for its target.   

16. The plastic wrap on the toilet bowl

This one’s messy, and you know it. Take the plastic wrap and cleanly wrap it around the toilet bowl – preferably not your toilet bowl – and set the seat down. While, at one glance, the poor person is not going to notice anything different, a whole mess is already on its way. You can guess what happens next.

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17. The chicken soup shower.

Another messy one for you. Take the shower head in your bathroom and fill it up with chicken or lamb stock cubes. The mechanism: The victim walks in for a regular shower, hot water mixes with stock cubes in the head and the victim gets a soup shower – which they’ll probably think is something else. Evil!

18. The crushed chocolate bar prank

This one’s another toilet prank and I’m guessing you know where we’re headed with. Set yourself up in a bathroom stall, and wait for someone to take the stall next to yours. Here’s the kicker: crush a bar of half-melted chocolate in your hand, ask your stall buddy for some toilet paper, and extend the messy hand under the stall to get it. You could put some of that chocolate onto their hands and let them freak out. Don’t try this one with the guy with anger management issues.

Don’t pivot it, just move it slightly. 

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