It’s time to crack jokes and pull pranks on our loved ones. After all, it’s been a difficult year for everyone (due to the pandemic), so why not lighten the mood a bit?

Scroll down to see some of the best prank ideas that you can pull off and have a good laugh. 

1. Insect lamp

This is a very simple and effective prank. Just make a cut out of an insect (should look realistic) and tape it inside a lamp shade and wait for someone to put it on. Click here to see all the steps.

2. Caramel onions

Disguise the onions to look like yummy popsicles. No one will ever figure it out. Click here to see all the steps.

3. Oreo toothpaste prank

Remove the cream from an oreo biscuit and replace it with any white coloured toothpaste, it’s as simple as that. Click here to see all the steps.

4. Meatloaf ‘pie’

Try making a pie out of meatloaf and potatoes and prank your friends and family. They can’t say no to pie, can they? Click here to see all the steps.

5. Cardboard gadgets

Give your co-worker/friends an office technology ‘upgrade.’ Click here for some ideas.

6. Fake poop

Plant a fake poop in your friends/family members room and record their hilarious/surprised reaction. Click here to see all the steps.

7. Fake rats

Put fake rats all around your friends/family members room. It will work like a charm. Trust me. Click here to buy.

8. Painted soap

Use a clear nail polish to paint a soap and leave it in the shower and let them try and figure out why there is no lather and why the soap smells different. Click here to see all the steps. 

9. ‘Break’ their gadgets

No breaking gadgets literally though. For this prank, just take a nail polish and cover the ends of any plugs in your friends home. Use it on the devices they use the most and let them figure it out. Click here to see the steps.

10. Shrimp scent air freshner

Replace their scented air freshener with any other unpleasant scent. Don’t forget to change the stick-on paper. Buy it from here

11. Cake pizza

Make a cake look like a pizza and let your pal figure out the rest. (Don’t forget to record it.) Click here to see the steps.

12. Jello drink

Prepare an undrinkable drink with jello. Can’t go wrong with that. Click here for directions.

13. Switch the ‘N’ and ‘M’ keys on the keyboard

This is a good one. Just switch the ‘N’ and ‘M’ keys on your friends keyboard and watch them lose their s**t.

14. Photo replacement prank

Morph a picture of a celebrity with your friends/family members picture and see if they notice the change. You can also replace family photos with the ones of the celebrities. Click here to know how to edit the photos. (Take some inspiration from this guy.)

15. Mashed potato ‘sundae’

This is yet another great idea. Just prepare mashed potatoes and add some gravy to it to make it look like a sundae. Click here to see directions.

Happy pranking!