While you stand there embarrassed in ways depending on the April Fool’s prank you have just fallen victim to, you wonder who the asshole was that started this shit, to begin with. Was he/she stoned? Or was he/she just a royal prick?


Well, as it happens, there were some dumbass non-evolving idiots involved in the beginning. Certain ancient cultures such as the Romans celebrated their New Year’s Day around the 1st of April.  Meanwhile, medieval Europeans celebrated on the 25th of March, a day, they called the Feast of Annunciation. 


In 1582 however, Pope Gregory XIII ordered a new calendar (Georgian Calendar) to replace the old one. According to this calendar, the New Year’s Day had to be celebrated on January 1.  Although many agreed to this calendar and shifted the new year to the 1st of January, many others refused to accept the new date and celebrated the new year on April 1. The others started making fun of these people and tricked them into doing fool’s errands and calling them fools.


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Other people began to make fun of these traditionalists, sending them on ‘fool’s errands’ or trying to trick them into believing something false. Eventually, the practice spread throughout Europe. 


Yeah. So, that’s what happened. And don’t worry. The night is still young and you will get those fuckers in time. 

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