It’s April Fool’s Day, today and you’d be on the receiving end of many pranks. Hah! Many of us know what that feels like. What about the games that ‘special one’ played with our hearts? If you have ever been in that position, firstly I empathise, and secondly, I bet you heard at least one of these lines from that person.


1. We’ll always be together.

Funny how 3 months are ‘always’ for some people. Time is a state of mind.

2. It’s not you, it’s me.

Yes, now I know! What a tactic – cleverly used to avoid any fight by gaining sympathy. 


3. You’re the only one I have ever truly loved.

Rahul, you said this to your last girlfriend also.

4. No, I am not keeping a track of my ex’s life. I have lost interest.

Then how do you know who they are dating now and since when? You want to be informed, guess that’s okay, but you lied. Shady.


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5. I see you in my future.

We’re currently living that future and you are nowhere to be found. What were you seeing?

6. I am talking to my ex just as a casual friend.

Fully in support, except why is this ex telling you what they are going to wear to their cousin’s wedding? 


7. I want to keep this casual for now. But also, don’t go out with other people, you know how much I like you.

We have all fallen for this one, no?

8. I am all yours but please know I can never go against my family.

Then don’t date because if your family decides tomorrow that I am not ‘worthy’ of their child, what am I going to do?


9. You’re not like other women.

Run. Run for your life.

10. I am broken on the inside, that is why I can’t commit.

If you’re broken, seek therapy. Stop messing with the lives of other people. 


“It’s only you, baby”.