All of us, at some point, would’ve had a clash with our bosses who went overboard with their instructions, making us reconsider our decision to work for them. Undeniably, nothing gets worse than having a toxic work environment, not even your toxic relationships.


Recently, Aishwarya Subramanyam called out an editor of a fashion magazine on her Instagram stories who is apparently urging her employees to give a prior intimation of them being unwell.

Hi All. In the last 2 days, I have received at least 5 emails with people not being well. While I understand that is possible, I do not appreciate this being told on a Sunday evening or afternoon. If anyone has been unwell, why isn’t it being informed earlier. And why is everyone getting up on a Sat or Sun morning just before work has to resume? 

It doesn’t end there, though. The boss also professes to be ‘sympathetic’ and ‘understanding’, and she expects the same from her employees when it comes to work.

And while I am sympathetic about the situation let’s not take advantage of it. If I can be understanding towards your situations, I am sure each of you can as well towards work. 

This WhatsApp warning of the editor has made many people give out sarcastic responses. Have a look at some below.


Still difficult to believe? You can read the entire message in the image below. 

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*BRB, I’m going to inform my editor that there’s a 91.06% chance that I’ll be unwell next week.*