No matter how many times you’ve changed jobs, writing a resignation letter is still difficult. Of course, Google comes to the rescue with the generic once, but you know what draws people to the internet? A genuine letter of resignation

You ask, what’s that? Well, the one that you write down honestly, expressing exactly how you feel. YouTube India recently came up with something that every professional may relate to by presenting an example of a “nice resignation letter.”

And now the tweet posted by YouTube India’s official account has gone viral.

The tweet parodies content producer Gaurav Chaudhary’s slogan, “Chaliye shuru karte hain,” which he typically uses to start his videos. Gaurav Chaudhary is also known online as Technical Guruji.

As was to be expected, Twitter users laughed out loud at YouTube’s “nice resignation letter.” Here are a few hilarious replies you might look at.

From now on, I would quit in exactly this manner.