Whoa whoa, wait a second! All of everyone’s complaints can take a backseat right about now because I have a bigger concern at hand — How the fuck is it just Wednesday today?


Did I miss the goddamn memo? Was there a bloody meeting about how this week will last for five years? Because I certainly wasn’t prepared for this fuckery. 

Not like the weekend brings me a lot of joy, thanks to the peanuts I am paid. But at least, I get to stay in bed. This particular week looks like it wants to ruin all my plans of being unproductive.

At first, I thought it was just me. You know, we all know ourselves best and I know I am one lazy piece of ass. But then, I asked around and apparently, this week has taken over everyone’s lives. 

Jhoothe ho tum agar tumhe nahi lag raha ki Monday 4 saal pehle tha. 

It’s not even like it’s the middle of summers and the days are super long. But somehow, the last three days have been the longest I’ve had to live in my 25 years of lifetime.

Do students feel the same sentiment or is it just us working-class peasants who suffer like this? On top of it, it’s the last week of the month and all we want is our salary to be credited into our account. But since this week is longer than Game Of Thrones’ list of lost character arcs, I’m dipping Parle G in water to get by.

Is it propaganda against weekend lovers or was a week always this long and we were just too faded to notice back in college?


My menstrual cycle also got pretty confused and thought it’s the weekend because it came knocking on my uterus’ door. Yeah, my periods hate me and come at me only when it’s my time to relax. So, this week has successfully messed up my mind and body’s balance.

It’s like the weeks before this were like — Mon-ue-nes-day…..Sunday! But this week seems more like — Mooooondayyyyyyyyy, Tuuuuuesdayyyyyy, Wednessssdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Bilkul Indian Railways ki delayed train ki tarah, iss hafte ka safar bilkul suhaana nahi lag raha hai. This never-ending week has me wondering if I even need a job or a career at all. Ab toh mere alarm ne bhi shayad give up kar diya hai. Aadha baj kar bandh ho jata hai.

“Boss, I’m leaving. You manage the rest of this 500-year-long week on your own.”