The episodes of desi things being sold by international brands at exorbitant prices don’t seem to end. Remember when Dolce & Gabba was selling a ‘Khaki Ski Mask Cap’ (read: monkey cap) at ₹32,000? I am talking about this. We were like, haan sahi hai loot lo! Yahi dekhna baaki reh gaya tha!

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…or when Hugo Boss advertised its flip-flop slippers at ₹9,000? All desis, who came across this product online, felt that yeh toh hamari bathroom chappal hain…right?

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Now, French luxury fashion house Chanel has made it to the list too. Someone on Twitter found out that the brand is selling a shopping basket at an unreal price.

Source: Twitter

And let me inform you that it is a second-hand product.

Sophie Walsh, who goes by the username @sophie_walsh9, posted screenshots of the shopping basket being sold on a website called Farfetch. As per the second screenshot, the product is named as CHANEL Pre-Owned 2014 XXL Shopping Basket Bag. The price of the product shown in the image is $1,01,268 (import duties included). It also reads, “Last 1 left- make it yours.”

“And in today’s edition of WTAF,” the Twitter user wrote.

Here’s the post:

Let’s see how others reacted to this ultra-expensive second-hand shopping basket.

Note: The price of the basket has gone through several changes over the years.

According to the latest development, the shopping basket is currently available on Farfetch for $31,369. The website suggests that the Made-in-Italy basket has the brand logo and was crafted from black leather in 2014. It can be used to carry fruits inside it.

Here’s the screenshot from the website:

Doesn’t this look similar to our grocery shopping basket that we carry in stores? Itne mein toh poora grocery store hi na kharid lein?