Imagine having so much money that you actually get to buy things that don't make sense. Can't relate na? 

Well, that's because no matter how rich we get, we'll still find cheaper alternatives just to save money. That's how desi we are.

Sensible or not, here are a few luxury products that you can literally get for 1/10th of its price. 

1. A ₹2,21,079 Balenciaga comforter bag aka kaafi mehengi razai ka cover bag.

Who says you need to sell your soul to buy this bag? 

Balenciaga comforter bag
Source: Balenciaga / Net-A-Porter/ Revelist

Just steal your daadi ka kambal, stuff it in a rectangle bag and tada- bag made.

Source: Ability Dubai

2. Gucci Grass-Stained Jeans worth ₹56K or the new Laxmi Chit Fund.

You can make these jeans in just three steps. 

Grass-Stained Gucci Jeans
Source: Scoopwhoop

Wear a pair of brand new jeans, roll over grass, get scolded for spoiling the jeans and there you have your custom made grass-stained jeans.

Source: Kidspot

3. Louis Vuitton Band-aids for those who reach hospitals for even the smallest of cuts.

Do us a favour, get 20 rs wale band-aids, put it on. 

Source: Revelist

Now think that you're wearing a fortune worth LV ke band-aids. 

Source: Funny Junk

4. A $1,500 Fornasetti garbage can. But matlab kya hai? Usme jayega toh kachra hi.

Imagine spending so much on a garbage bin when you can make this yourself. 

Source: Revelist

Buy a bin, add butterfly stickers and call it your version of the Fornasetti garbage can.

Source: Amazon UK

5.  $14,000 Diamond Teabag. Now, this is what we call- love for chai gone too far.

Boodles Jewellers made this hand-crafted tea bags with 280 diamonds. 

But my question is, aisa tea bag chaiye hi kyu when a simple one does its job? 

Source: Beacuse Health

6. $1,376,900 gold toilet paper which in the end, has to go down the flush only.

We know we should invest in gold but who came up with this? 

Source: Scoopwhoop

If you really want this then order some gold aluminium foil online and pretend that it's actual gold. P.S. don't know how much you can use any of these though. 

Source: Amazon

7. 14-carat single gold lego brick worth £12,000 for those who want to 'leggo' of their money.

What's the point? In the end, it'll hurt just the same if we trip over it. 


But if you still want to DIY it, just get a normal leggo brick and spray paint it in gold colour and viola.

Source: Kid PNG

8. $36,00 worth Gold Bullion Mouse which as it turns out isn't even made of real gold.

This mouse is not actually made of gold but people are buying it just because the name says so, as per sources

Source: Music Radar/ BeAmazed

As an alternative, you can always order a mouse which comes in gold colour. And while using it, just pretend it's gold plated. 

Source: Tweakers

9. An $85 Nordstrom rock because who doesn't want to buy a rock to complete their look?

What is next? Highlighting your hair with a touch of concrete? 

Source: Revelist

And to think that somebody even paid $85 for a rock when they can just go outside and pick one. 

Source: Rock Painting

10. $30 for Marc Jacobs hair tie. Itna ho toh bhi nahi spend karu mein.

First off, mummy maregi. Secondly, it's hard to keep a track of our hair ties and losing this one would hurt so bad. 

Source: Revelist

Isleye, get a fake diamond, some glue and cheap hair ties. Stick the diamond on the hair tie and you're done. 


11. $870 worth filthy looking Gucci sneakers. Looks like daag mehenge bhi hotey hai.

The 'middle class' in me died and came back to life to see such wastage of money. 

Source: GUCCI/ People

I mean, we don't have to spend so much to get this look. Just wear any white pair of sneakers for a day and travel in a Mumbai local. 

Source: LAUREN SPINELLI/ Instyle

11. Valentino Men's Havaianas Flip Flop for ₹45k. So much for hawai chappal? 

Here I am struggling to buy any flip flop and people are buying one for 45 thousand. How? But more importantly, WHY?

Source: Scoopwhoop

Also why to buy this when sab jagah sale chal rahi hai? 

Source: Shopclues

13. Supreme Brick worth $1000. FOR. JUST. ONE. BRICK.

It seems as if this brick is worth more than my entire existence. 

@Universe, I just have one question, why can't a simple brick do? What's so special about this one? 

Source: JustDial

14.  $650 worth Tiffany & Co. ping pong paddles. Sometimes I think they make things just because they can. 

If I get a dollar for every time I breakdown after seeing my bank account then also I won't be able to afford it. 

The good thing is, we don't have to afford it. Just order any ping pong paddles of your choice and you're literally done. 

Source: 99sportz

15. $1,425 Margiela distressed sneakers. The struggle to explain this to our parents! 

Do you have pets at home? Well, then you can get these distressed shoes in no time. 

Give your pet your least favourite sneakers and come back after 4 hours. You will have state-of-the-art distressed sneakers.

Source: Greats/ Business Insider

16. $9,500 worth Tiffany silver ball of yarn. Yarn so costly, probably have to store in a bank. 

And no, this yarn does not have magic powers. Nor does it predict your future. It's just one simple silver yarn ball. 

Source: Tiffany and co.

Whereas, if you buy a simple yarn of silver colour online, it'll only cost you around 500 bucks. 


17.  $185 worth Prada paper clip. No Thnxs, I'll e-mail my documents. 

Still can't wrap my head around the fact there exists a paper clip which is worth $185. 

Source: Entrepreneur

An alternative to this luxurious product would be to buy a simple paperclip and never really think about spending so much money on a small paper clip. 

Source: Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider

18. Hermes $370 bookmark. How is this legal? 

I am pretty sure this bookmark will cost more than the book itself. 

Source: Entrepreneur

Which is why you can go for a cheaper alternative or make one yourself. 

Source: Katherine Lee/ Spruce Crafts

19. Gucci Black distressed stockings worth ₹14,167

My question is not 'why.' My question is 'how.' I mean how are they like this?

Didn't they get the memo to wear a pair of cheap stockings and let scissors do its magic? 

Source: OlafSpeier/Getty Images/iStockphoto/ The Guardian

Next time you see a lavish luxury product, just think, do you really need it? More importantly, can you make it yourself?