Certain words and phrases really get to you. They can be sexist, rude, or plain annoying. We found a Reddit thread where users discussed the commonly used phrases and lingos that we as a society should get rid of. The answers are surely interesting. Read on to find out more.

1. “Boys will be boys.” – DinosGamesAndBaking

2. “Calling women ‘females’ in casual conversation.” – ihavebigboobiez

3. Girl boss, hustle, grind. – enchantingcat

4. I wanna gag every time I see the words ‘Live Laugh Love’ in home decor sections everywhere. – rgnkge66_

5. “Slurs that are based on anything other than a person’s active choice to be harmful to others. This includes stuff like – racial/ethnic slurs, religious slurs, gendered slurs, homophobic/transphobic slurs, ableist slurs, and classist slurs.” – nevertruly

6. “Hubby for husband.” – tdly3000

7. “Cancel, quiet quitting, and anything created by the right or by the mainstream media.” – searedscallops

8. ” ‘The girls that get it, get it.’ STFU!” – Bridezillaaaaaa

9. “ ‘Woke’ just became ‘snowflake’ and both of those terms are used to devalue progressive views or actions. Yes, there are extremes to views and actions (like neo pronouns in my opinion), but those terms are an easy way out for people who don’t like opposing opinions.” – AevumFlux

10. ” ‘Sorry, not sorry.’ How about you just don’t say anything at all? Big jerk vibes.” – Dense_Ad_2164

11. “Using mental health disorders as insults.” – evaj95

12. “Body count. I am not a murderer.” – Hyungwn

13. ” ‘Doggo’ and ‘pupper’ have made me cringe since day one. I hate it when they’re used. They don’t make it sound cute. Just call them a dog or a puppy, and I won’t instantly want to vomit when you’re showing me pictures of your dogs.” – FatCat69573

What other phrases and lingos would you add to the list?