Creative ads have become a fad for brands to promote their products. With just the right amount of humour and curiosity brands have been grabbing our attention. 

And this is not only limited to digital platforms but print and outdoor too. Case in point: One such quirky ad is doing rounds on social media. 

Have a look:

This hilarious ad is published by a Kolkata-based sherwani outlet called ‘Sultan.’ Now this may look like a real plea to find a missing person, but it’s not. 

With MISSING in the headline, the copy further reads, “Tall, fair & handsome, aged about 24 years- Missing my dear son Majnu, Please come back home. Everyone is very upset.” 

Now the brand has subtly revealed it is a sherwani ad saying, “the family has accepted the young man’s demands of marrying ‘Laila’ and wearing a sherwani from SULTAN-The King of Sherwani.”

It also states that the entire family and close friends will get kurtas from the brand for the reception day.

Netizens were impressed by the creativity of this ad, as many called it intelligent marketing. 

SULTAN-The King of Sherwani with another missing Manju shared the same ad a few years ago. 

 We hope Manju is home.