A man was in for a surprise when he ordered onion rings to go with his chai. He expected crispy onion rings but what he received instead was something no one would have anticipated. 

The man saw six-piece fried onion rings on a food delivery app. He thought it to be the best fit as he was craving a light snack. But when he received the order, he received raw onion rings packed nicely in a small plastic container. Six pieces to be exact. Considering the price of onions, it was a fair deal.

“The picture on the cart displayed well fried onion rings, but to my surprise I recieved six pieces of raw onion cut into circles. I was quite shocked, and I also found it very funny. Hence, shared it on my social media as well.” said Ubaid. He posted an Instagram reel based on his experience.

The reel left Instagram in splits.

I guess when my mother said not everything you see online is real, I should have believed her.