Delhi can be a lot on some days, but it’s also fun at times. The Delhi Metro is one example – there are times when we’ve had a long day and the travelling makes it worse. But on others, something triggers us into actually enjoying it. Like this Delhi Metro ride where the person driving, unintentionally made it fun for the passengers.

Delhi Metro
Source: Instagram

An Instagram user, @onrecordamanyt, shared a video of people literally laughing out loud in his Metro coach. And this laughter was triggered after the driver ended up playing songs. Of course, this was accidental. But imagine suddenly hearing upbeat songs in between all the Metro announcements, while you’re leaning on a pole waiting for your station.

Source: Instagram

This honestly looks like a Hindi film plot, a funny one, at that. Too many people want the driver’s playlist, and others think that songs in the Metro should be a ritual.

Watch the video here.

Delhi Metro can be too happening.