Let’s be honest, we all have used different search engines for information as soon as we faced any health-related discomfort. And, we consult a professional doctor only if it indicates a big issue (which it always does, to be honest) and only they know how irritating it is when patients enter their clinic with their own diagnoses.

A desi doctor, tired of his patient’s own googling symptoms, found a jugaad to teach his ‘know-it-all’ patients a good lesson.


Gaurav Dalmia, a social media user, shared an image on his account where the doctor designed a unique OPD fee structure for his over-smart patients.

As per his charge board, the doctor usually charges ₹200 for consultation. And, if the doctor’s diagnosis were to be followed by the “patient’s own treatment methods”, it would cost ₹500. However, the doctor would charge ₹1,000 for answering the questions that patients may ask on the basis of information received from the internet. If the doctor’s treatment were to be based on the “patient’s own diagnosis”, it would cost ₹1,500. Lastly, if the diagnosis, as well as the treatment, were to be only done by patients, it would cost ₹2,000.

After being shared online, the fees struck a chord with netizens and this is what they had to say:

Oh doctor, we absolutely agree with you!