Now, you know the UK is not in the most gala phase at the moment? Their longest-serving monarch has recently passed away, their newly elected PM has just resigned after completing mere 45 days in office, their political and economic condition is not idyllic, and people are essentially pissed.

And you also know that desi Twitter switches on its mic-drop mode when it comes to our ex-colonizers, Great Britain. Now, Harsh Goenka has shared a hilarious Twitter thread about a description of Britain’s present situation from the Western media POV on a third-world country.

This response from a Twitter user, Chaitanya Ketkar, is drawing all the applause. If it isn’t a 100 on 10, then what is?

Nothing has ever been more on-point than this tweet.

But here’s how Twitter is reacting to this.

Well, we all now know who should be giving the news bulletins of the day.