Elon Musk could easily be said to be the most active, controversial and influential Twitter user. 

Inc, Magazine

His tweets have been able to bring down Tesla’s valuation, decrease Bitcoin’s share price, increase the share price of a company by a whopping 1500% and change the fate of Doge.

Now that Elon Musk has bought Twitter, people are sharing an old tweet from him.

Back in 2017, Elon Musk said “I love Twitter”.

To which a user has replied, “you should buy it then”, and Musk asked, “how much is it?”

Many users had brushed it off as Musk joking about buying Twitter. Fast forward to 2022, and it turns out he wasn’t joking after all. 

Elon Musk manifested buying Twitter, and he made it come true. 

So, kids, go, soar high, dream, manifest, because as it turns out, dreams do come true.