No matter what happens in the world, Elon Musk will be trending for one reason or another. Be it for Tesla or his obsession with Twitter, the world’s richest man is always the news of the town. 

A Twitter handle shared Elon Musk’s old business card from 1995, to which Musk responded with a comment ‘ancient times.’ Stating the obvious, but the picture went viral.

The picture gave Musk’s designation as the Board Chairman, Chief Technology Officer, and Co-Founder of Zip2.

Here’s what Twitteratis had to say about this.

Yaah! Elon Musk is everything at once.

Very impressive indeed!

That escalated pretty quickly.

Elon Musk now wants to terminate his $44 billion dollar Twitter deal. He claims that Twitter has failed to provide him information on spam accounts.  

Although his love story with Twitter may be witnessing a new plot twist, we’re pretty confident that the Musk will forever be the blue bird’s favorite. He’ll always be trending!