Let’s be honest, there are days when you simply don’t want to work, but then you have to drag your ass to work! Why? Because sending a leave application is a daunting task. And, saying, “I don’t see myself working today” will land you a termination letter! 

Nonetheless, a leave application has grabbed our attention, where this person took a leave to attend an job interview for another company. Oh wait, the honesty here will give you the courage to ask for leave right away. 

Dear sir, I’m sending you this email to inform you that I need leave for today to attend an interview for another company.

Yup, that’s exactly what the leave application read. Have a look:

A Twitter user named, Sahil shared this leave application which is winning hearts for its honesty on the internet. 

People are impressed by this on-point leave application. A few also pointed out how a good work environment can help employees be honest and this frank to their bosses. Here’s what Twittizens have to say:

Clearly, the honesty has stumped everyone including us!

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