Remember how we used to lick our fingers after finishing that scrumptious plate of rajma chawal? But then, we grew up and were introduced to the concept of knives, forks and spoons.

There are only two types of people: one who eat their food with cutlery and the other, who believe in eating their meals in full desi style. And if you belong to the latter category, the following incident is going to piss the hell out of you.

A food blogger, who goes by the username _pizzandpie_, took to her social media account and showed how she eats a dosa. She first carved a big hole in the middle of the masala dosa with a fork and then, she scooped a chunk of masala with a piece of dosa


Mansi Shiv Rathi, the food blogger, captioned the post “sharing my way to eat a masala dosa“.


Needless to mention, her video left all her followers in shock and this is how they responded:


After being shared online, the video amassed over 37k likes. You can check the entire clip here:

BRB, craving a dosa right now!