At this point of being a social media user, whenever I see a video or a carousel titled “things you have to forgive yourself for”, I exit the app. 

No offense to the thought, it’s a nice one and some of the material can even be good, but the amount of absolute nonsense you have to sift through to get to one useful piece of advice is tremendous. 

Enter Instagram account Effin’ Birds. A welcome change from the cheesy motivational posts that make you further sad. These are thoughts with random pictures of birds and I must say, I have been enjoying them a lot. 

Using this for my friend’s upcoming birthday. Will tell her what she means to me in person for a change. 

Profound stuff only.

This sounds about right.

Almost a Bukowski quote. Almost.

The liberal use of the F word is…something.

A thought that unfortunately never crosses some people’s minds. When it should.

As a woman living in this mostly god-awful world, I relate.

Life, at this point.

Whenever someone says “not all men”. We shouldn’t be under any obligation to not say this back. It’s 2022, when are you going to learn?

Me, to Gods, complaining about the gift of life.

This is a nice change. I stand by it.

Effin’ Birds