The door ground-breaking crime investigation show CID, for decades, has never failed us even slightly. Whether it’s supplying us with mind-bending thriller episodes or stomach-hurting memes, ACP Pradyuman’s gang has been a dream team. 

Right from mysteriously discovering who the katil is to giving forensic labs newfound fame, CID has made our childhood better, hell, it has been our childhood!

Regardless, this time it’s a new clip unearthed by Twitterati which is making weird claims (yes, weirder than the show already is).

A man in the video, with utmost confidence, claims:

“Ek aisa killer jo insaan ki shakal mein samaaj mein khule aam ghum raha hai; aise serial killers ko introverts kehte hain.”

Wait, did he just say that? So the lazy sloth bear in me could be deemed anything but a serial killer!? I guess CID took it too far. 

This clip has broken all the doors of introverts’ rooms and Twitter already feels attacked!

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Introverts be like: Daya, iski akal ka darwaza todo.