I’m unabashedly obsessed with Excel and making spreadsheets for the smallest things in life. And people who get this would know that it’s almost impossible to watch someone make edits in your sheet. It’s Kal Ho Naa Ho, and letting a person touch my excel sheet that make me bawl the same amount. 

For people who call us Excel nerds, yes we are, unapologetically. And this Instagram page that goes by the name Excel Humor gets it (such a relief). It’s got jokes, memes and one-liners that will make you go ‘same bruh’, because we all like to be understood, don’t we? Basically, it won’t judge you for judging people’s Excel ethics.

Emotional damage.

When the ACP Pradyuman in me goes ‘kuchh toh gadbad hai’.

It’s emotional infidelity. 

Love and all hurts, but have you ever used a mouse to format your spreadsheet?

Grid lines>>>

*All my friends are toxic, all ambitionless plays in BG*

Next time someone says “settle kab ho rahe ho”, show them your spreadsheets. 

My system is a fighter. 

It’s never enough.

Husbands come and go, but —

Sorry Excel.

‘Cos you can easily find a soulmate, but it’s impossble to find a compatible Excel user.

Life hacks no one will tell you.

Honest dating.

No kaise bola?

Life’s falling apart, but at least I’ve a colour-coded to-do list.